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Bud (HIGH RES) | PSD Detail
Filesize: 4.10 MB
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Date Added: 04.05.2009
Submitter: EvilzDesignZ
Bud Hgih Res
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Posted @ 04.06.2009 @ 12:00AM
has a lot of dark green leaves in it-chlorophyll-give you a slight headache after you smoke it... wasn't manicured properly...nice cut tho
Posted @ 02.24.2010 @ 11:17PM
so grab your little scissors and go to town, lol. (probably look prime afterward, ive done it before on leafy crop and youd be suprised how good the bud itself is preserved in transport because of the leaves taking the hits) it is a great cut though good lookin out.
Posted @ 05.07.2010 @ 5:34AM
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