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New Features and Fixes!
Monday, May 5th, 2008
Yep, we've been hard at work. Some new features include:

  • User Signature Images: Use them to show off your rank and submissions on forums/websites across the web. Grab the code from your account.
  • User Profiles: Post up a quick blurb, share your website and contact details. Click the "My Profile" link under your account to access it.
  • User Artwork: Upload your artwork, be it signatures, album covers or wallpapers!
  • Event Viewer: Stay up to date on your work! Be alerted when someone rates or comments on your PSD or Stocks! Click the "My Events" link under your account to access it.
  • Avatars: Your avatars now show up on the forums!
  • Descriptions: Now you can add descriptions to your PSDs and Stocks
  • Ability to search Stocks
  • Ability to filter search results between Stocks, PSDs or a combination of the two
We had to do a bit of moving around with the user menus to have the new functionality easily accessible in a way that made sense. We trust it'll be easy to figure out ;)

Well, until next update... enjoy!

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