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Update on New Site Progress!
Monday, December 4th, 2017

I have been working tirelessly every day on the new site since before the last announcement. I have completed most of the core development and have finally settled on the layout design over the last few days.

The look and layout of OfficialPSDs will be changing with the new site. The new look will be more modern and professional, while also providing a clean and simple interface for uploading and downloading images.

There will be new features and a few changes to old features. To start with, the 1-5 star system has been removed and is being replaced with a LIKE system. There will also support for DISLIKEs as well, but those will be disabled initially during the first beta launch.

I have already created the complete conversion system to convert the current (old) OP site to the new site. All PSD cut-out images and Stock images will be converted. The URLs to all of the current image pages should redirect to their new page URLs after the conversion.

With user accounts though, primarily due to spammers, only accounts that have uploaded images in the past will be converted. Everyone else will have to create new accounts.

I am also combining the images from the main site and the Ladies section into the same area. I have added support for flagging images as "mature" so they can remain within the primary image areas while not showing to users who have Safe Mode enabled or that are not logged in.


After the new site goes live, everyone will have to reset their password because we do not have access to everyone's passwords, which is a good thing. As such, it is very important that you make sure your email address is updated and valid!

If you do not have access to your email address on the current OP site, you will forever lose access to your account once the new site goes live! We have no way of verifying account ownership beyond email address, so if you lose access to your account after the transfer, we will not be able to help you recover it!


I know most people hate change, and the new site will definitely be a change from the current site because the current site was developed and designed so many years ago. I hope everyone is excited about what the new site will provide and what it will make possible in the future.

Other than the forums, which will be powered by XenForo, the new site has been completely developed from scratch specifically for the new OfficialPSDs web site. While the launch version will be fully featured, it is only the beginning as I have so many other features planned for it.

The new site should go live within the next couple of weeks, and likely sooner, so please make sure your account email is updated!

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