View Full Version : Cuz I Felt Like It

06-17-2009, 04:25 AM
man, i felt like ah had to spit this hot shit/
niggaz claim they hot shit, back up, man i got this/
postin on tha OP, all day and all night/
private message, battle im like alright/
pick a topic, ya, i bring tha heat like tha tropic/
whether design, or rappin, against me, they betta stop it/
money make ya rich, SG make ya famous/
squad of animals, tha government can't tame us/
young militant, ima california bread-getta/
ima bread winna, so get ya fame up/
i hear alotta talk about tha game, and tha content/
i win, when im in, quality of rhymes spit/
on ma ray charles, cuz, i ain't seein none of yall/
even if i could i wouldn't, ma game is way tall/
stack money, nigga even on a bad day/
lames way behind, ya boy, i call'em dead weight/
steady draggin, i look up, ain't a nigga daz above me/
shove me, i gotta pull tha laytex gloves, see/
and to them lame niggas, i dont tip ma hat off/
because the texture of a pillow ya they that soft/
i go opposite, nigga dats concrete/
i flip twenty cents, when ma 2 dimes meet/
what they know about that, not a damn thang/
i keep ma paper in ma pocket, can't stand rain/
run away from beef, nah, nigga fuck dat/
im on tha block wit a pound and some blunt wraps/
got ma niggaz round, ya we hold it down/
money neva stop, i keep mine rollin round/
dress code so vicious how i get mine/
i want tha phantom wit tha cocaine insides/
a huned in tha slow lane, watch me zip by/
flame over propane, when i spit mine/