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08-03-2009, 02:43 AM
Hey guys been visiting the site for some time now for the clear pngs for various projects. I would like to take this time to talk with some of the talented myspace builders out here. We are looking for some contractors to make layouts.

info we will need

best form of contact and time
flat rate or cost levels
if various costs per project please provide examples of each price range.
method of payment requested and terms

We aren't looking to abuse anyone but we would like to get two or three designers that we can kick work out to for a client and that we would produce constant excellence for us.

We would be putting out the work as Syndicate Solutions and everything will be by contract. We are a professional company and will treat this as any other contractor we use.

email me @ antoine@syndicatesolutions.net or info@syndicatesolutions.net

Thanks Antoine