View Full Version : i need sum psds!

05-12-2008, 10:20 PM
im looking for sum doctor MASK
like the ones they were when their giving surgery, and how the chiniese ppl in china wear for SARS

i also need the thing that the doctors wear on top of their heads
the thigns that look like a metal disk in their forehead.

i dont know what their called but can sum one make sum psds of em'

05-12-2008, 10:30 PM
What color and size? Maybe u find the pics and Ill cut them for u. Not sure what it will be going on so the shape matters, cut it off someones face so u can fit it on another face or just a photo of the mask.. I am trying to think of the name of the head lamp. Pm me with your idea for what u need or reply here.

05-12-2008, 11:04 PM
i was just looking for the pieces to put on a pic of T.I just to make him look like a doctor but i couldnt find any good pics of the head lamp thig or the mask..
i aint really sure what T.I pic am i gonna use yet either..

05-12-2008, 11:07 PM
okay hun, google surgical mask and medical head lamp, something like that. If you find the pic hit me up and Ill cut it.

05-13-2008, 01:51 AM
okay i didnt knoe the right name of the things sooo thanks..