View Full Version : Looking for a designer to do mixtape artwork

11-06-2009, 05:59 PM
I'm looking to refer a designer to one of my old clients that I worked with for a long time because now I'm too expensive for him, so it's the least I can do as he's a cool guy.

Basically I'm looking for someone whose high beginner - intermediate who can do covers to a decent standard. The more creative you are with them the better. I'd like someone who is maybe having trouble with finding clients as well, 'cos I'd like to get you some and it'll help you start off a more diverse portfolio. The pay won't be too high, hence why I'm looking for someone whose starting off but who is definitely on the right track.

Please Private Message me your:

email address
rates (Front only and front & back)
your country
ONE link to a portfolio with your best and only your best work in it.

Oh and paypal is a must.


11-07-2009, 02:26 PM
Thanks to everyone who sent in a PM. I shortlisted and sent through to the client. It's up to him now.